External Blog: A Lamarck After My Own Heart

A Lamarck After My Own Heart is an external blog I use for rapid-fire engagement with the scientific community on Tumblr, as well as those outside the community.

On the blog, I spend time researching and answering zoological questions people ask; ‘Can ants get obese?’, ‘Do animals perceive time like us?’ and ‘Why are birds tweeting outside my window at night?’ are some personal favourite examples.

The general public – from children, to teens, to adults – are all interested in science, and have amazing questions to be answered! This blog offers a platform for me to engage in these questions, and education regarding ecology, zoology, animal welfare, and additional issues impacting wildlife and captive animals in a changing world. Additionally, it allows me another platform in which to remain up-to-date with current ideas and issues circulating within the field, and a community with which to discuss them.

I welcome any comments or questions external to my own research being directed to this blog.

(Featured image credit: Hooded Plover | JJ Harrison | CC BY-SA 2.0)

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